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The plugin requires not only a 64bit OS but also a 64bit DAW. This is an important distinction to make as a 32bit DAW can run on a 64bit OS, but will not be able to load the plugin.
ARM CPUs are currently not supported, meaning it will not work on Windows ARM machines (eg Microsoft Surface Pro X), and will run with Rosetta 2 translation on Mac M1 machines (which implies that the DAW itself runs with Rosetta 2).
MacOS minimum supported version is 10.7
Provided formats are VST3 for Windows and VST3/AU for MacOS.
Due to Steinberg's current licencing policy we unfortunately cannot offer VST2 versions.
The plugin is compatible with HiDPI/Retina displays if the DAW supports it.

MacOS Catalina

Catalina support starts with version 1.0.1.
It is required to be online for the first run of each new version of the plugin to let Apple's Gatekeeper system validate its origin.
Users updating from version 1.0.0 will need to log out before installing the 1.0.1 version.

Purchase and delivery

Price is shown in Euro and is net (VAT not applicable, see terms)
Purchase and delivery is operated through SendOwl. Payment can be made through Stripe (credit cards), Apple Pay or Paypal.
A personnal licence key and a download link are automatically send by email after the purchase.


We chose not to use an installer, and let the user copy the plugin files in the appropriate directories himself.
This approach is both simpler and safer, guarantying no additional software is being installed, and letting the user know in which directories the files are located.
Follow the installation procedure description in the zip package.


The SP950 plugin requires a licence key for registration. Simply copy the licence key you received in the order confirmation email and paste it into the input field that pops up the first time you use the plugin on a given machine. This resigration does work offline.
If you get asked to register every time you open the plugin please do contact us.
Keep this licence key in a safe place to be able to register the plugin on your other machines in the future.
The same licence key can be used for all flavors of the plugin (Windows, Mac, VST3, AU, etc.).
This licence key is personal and bound to your personal info. Should you ever lose it, contact us so we can retrieve it for you in our order database.


You should receive an email everytime we update the plugin, with a link to download the updated version free of charge. Your licence key should keep working for new versions.
If you did not recieve an email or missed the download windows, please contact us with your licence key using the email address you ordered with and we will provide you with the latest version of the plugin.
product page


The SP950 app is a free access web application that runs in modern browsers (see compatibility section below). It is currently in very early alpha stage, lacking a lot of functionalities. A Windows/Mac standalone desktop version is also developed in parallel, with similar functionalities, and will be available for purchase once the functionalities reach a certain usability point.


The app uses advanced browser audio APIs, and requires a recent version of a Chrome, Edge/Chromium or Firefox browser, on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Android devices are also supported, but latency can be all over the place depending on the device.
Safari browser is currently not supported, as is iOS regardless of the browser used (Safari web engine).


Current and expected features are listed on the product page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas and suggestions.
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Currently in development
Mimicking the web app version, it as a standalone application on your desktop. The interface can be freely resized and is HiDPI/Retina compatible.
Developed in parallel with the web app version, it will be available for purchase when the functionalities reach a certain usability point.


64bit Mac and Windows machines.
Need additional support? Contact us