SP950 effect plugin

SP950 effect plugin
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Current version: 1.1.0
Please check compatibility before buying


  • Faithful SP sound
  • Akai* S950 filter emulation
  • Combined RPM/detune slider
  • Actual pitch remains unchanged
  • Multiple LCD color schemes
  • HiDPI / Retina compatible
  • No hassle registration (serial)
  • Free updates
  • VST3 / AU

The sound

Accurate emulation of the SP's 12-bit 26.04kHz ADC, DAC and detune. Gritty sound with mandatory aliasing artifacts.


If you are familiar with the E-mu SP-1200* workflow, you know the way the device is typically used is with a pitched-up source such as a turntable playing a LP record at 45RPM or 78RPM, and a detune after sampling in the SP-1200* to get back to the original pitch and duration. This was initially done to save sampling time, but the resulting artifacts soon became the signature of the device, and of whole musical trend.

This is exactly what the SP950 effect plugin intends to reproduce in a single slider: the RPM/detune slider combines the pitch of the source (markings on the left side, in RPM relative to 33 and in factors) with the detune of the SP (semitons value on the LCD) to compensate each other. The result is a constant duration and pitch output, with varying detune aliasing and bandwidth artifacts.

Please note: actual pitch remains unchanged.
ext. switch extends the detune range from -15 semitons to -30 semitons.

fine switch changes detune steps from semitons to tenths of semitons.


Another well-known workflow is the combination of the SP and an Akai* S950 low-pass filter to isolate a bass line. The digitally-controlled analog 6th-order Butterworth low-pass filter of the Akai* S950 is reproduced here for that purpose, as well as the possibility to mitigate some high-frequency detune artifacts.
The filter can be set from 0 to 99 like in the original S950. The filter is defeated when set to 99 (bypass).


Gain in and gain out can be set from -12dB to +12dB, in 0.1dB steps. This can be used to adjust levels based on a given correction, but can can also used to either clip the input section, or keep some margin to increase noise.
link. switch maintains a constant total gain when modifying gain in. Total gain can still be modified when the swith is activate by modifying gain out.
Total gain is maintained within each gain knob limits (eg +24dB can not be maintained when gain in is lowered).

Signal Routing

The routing section located in the plugin's header operates on the signal flow.
stereo/mono selector let you choose between stereo, left, right, or summed signals

wet/dry knob let you mitigate the impact of the detune artifacts. It is positionned after the stereo/mono routing in the signal flow, so the dry signal is also affected by the selected routing

bypass button is equilvalent to 0% wet


The minimalist interface is fully compatible with HiDPI/Retina displays for crisp rendering. The LCD color scheme can be chosen among 6 presets using the small button on the right of the LCD. Beside aesthetic considerations, this serves as a visual clue to differentiate multiple plugin instances inside a project.
color 0 color 1 color 2 color 3 color 4 color 5


VST2 format is not supported, so you have to check that your DAW handles VST3 or AU formats.
Windows x64 64 bit VST3
MacOS x64 / ARM with Rosetta 2 64 bit VST3
MacOSx64 / ARM with Rosetta 2 64 bit AU
If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us.


Please check the SP950 effect plugin support section.

The following is the content of the changelog.txt file distributed with the plugin.
v1.1.0 2020-06-23
  New features:
    - in/out gain knobs with optional link for constant total gain
    - wet/dry knob, alongside the bypass button
    - latency compensation with constant delay: can now be used for layering,
      as a send effect, or with wet/dry balance
    - frequency response modification, now around 1dB hotter under 100Hz
      compared to previous versions
    - pop-free bypass and much lower pop on stereo/mono selection
    - mouse wheel for rapid stereo/mono selection
  Bug corrections:
    - latency report

v1.0.1 2020-05-08
    - MacOS Catalina support (see update section in install.txt)
  Bug corrections:
    - noise build-up on long silences
    - slider markings not changing with ext mode switch when tune=0

v1.0.0 2020-04-28
  - initial release

The following is the content of the install.txt file distributed with the plugin.
SP950 Installation and Registration Procedure
last update: May 2020

There is no executable installer: plugin files are packaged as-is inside this
zip file and need to be placed in the right directories on your system. This
approach is safer because it guaranties no additional software is being
installed. It also let the user know and control plugin locations, which is a
good thing in the long run.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Please read the End User Licence Agreement in the eula.txt file and only
proceed if you agree to the terms and conditions.



        1.  hit the windows+r keys, enter
            "explorer C:\Program Files\Common Files\" and click ok

        2.  create a "VST3" folder there if needed

        3.  copy the sp950.vst3 file from the "Windows" directory into
            that VST3 directory
            Complete path of the plugin should be:
            "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SP950.vst3"

        4.  restart your DAW and rescan plugins


        1.  click on "Go to Folder..." in Finder's Go menu and choose

        2.  create the "~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components" and
            "~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/" folders if they do not exist

        3.  move the sp950.component file from the "MacOS" folder into

        4.  move the sp950.vst3 file from the "MacOS" folder into

        5.  restart your DAW and rescan plugins

            -   if you are running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and up you need an
                internet access for the first use of the plugin to let Apple's
                Gatekeeper system validate its origin
            -   if you want the plugin to be available for all users use
                "Macintosh HD/Library/" instead of "~/Library/"
            -   the "Library" directory might show a different name depending
                on your language settings (eg "Bibliothèque" in french)


    Update procedure is identical to the initial installation one.

    Make sure beforehand that you have deleted all previous versions of the
    plugin in any possible directory you might have installed it in.
        eg: "Macintosh HD/Library/" vs "~/Library/"

    Check that the version number shown in the plugin interface corresponds to
    the new version.

    Special notes for MacOS Catalina and up:
        -   make sure you are online when running a new version for the first
            time, so that Apple's Gatekeeper can validate the plugin
        -   if you had previously installed the 1.0.0 version you will need to
            log out before running the new version


    The SP950 plugin requires a licence key for registration. You should have
    received it as a 16 characters serial in your order confirmation email.

    Copy it and paste it into the licence field that pops up the first time
    you use the plugin on a given machine.

    The same licence key can be used for all OS, formats and versions of the
    plugin. Keep this licence key in a safe place to be able to register the
    plugin on your other machines in the future.

    This licence key is personal and bound to your order info.

   	    -   if you get asked to register every time you open the plugin please
   	    	do contact support

The following is the content of the eula.txt file distributed with the plugin.
End-User License Agreement (EULA)
last update: April 2020

This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you and waveTracing

This EULA agreement governs your acquisition and use of our SP950 software ("Software") directly from waveTracing or indirectly through a waveTracing authorized reseller or distributor (a "Reseller").

Please read this EULA agreement carefully before completing the installation process and using the SP950 software. It provides a license to use the SP950 software and contains warranty information and liability disclaimers.

If you register for a free trial of the SP950 software, this EULA agreement will also govern that trial. By agreeing or installing and/or using the SP950 software, you are confirming your acceptance of the Software and agreeing to become bound by the terms of this EULA agreement.

If you are entering into this EULA agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to these terms and conditions. If you do not have such authority or if you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this EULA agreement, do not install or use the Software, and you must not accept this EULA agreement.

This EULA agreement shall apply only to the Software supplied by waveTracing herewith regardless of whether other software is referred to or described herein. The terms also apply to any waveTracing updates, supplements, Internet-based services, and support services for the Software, unless other terms accompany those items on delivery. If so, those terms apply.

License Grant

waveTracing hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the SP950 software on your devices in accordance with the terms of this EULA agreement.

You are permitted to load the SP950 software (for example a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet) under your control. You are responsible for ensuring your device meets the minimum requirements of the SP950 software.

You are not permitted to:
  - Edit, alter, modify, adapt, translate or otherwise change the whole or any part of the Software nor permit the whole or any part of the Software to be combined with or become incorporated in any other software, nor decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Software or attempt to do any such things
  - Reproduce, copy, distribute or resell the Software
  - Allow any third party to use the Software on behalf of or for the benefit of any third party
  - Use the Software in any way which breaches any applicable local, national or international law
  - use the Software for any purpose that waveTracing considers is a breach of this EULA agreement

Intellectual Property and Ownership

waveTracing shall at all times retain ownership of the Software as originally downloaded by you and all subsequent downloads of the Software by you. The Software (and the copyright, and other intellectual property rights of whatever nature in the Software, including any modifications made thereto) are and shall remain the property of waveTracing.

waveTracing reserves the right to grant licences to use the Software to third parties.


This EULA agreement is effective from the date you first use the Software and shall continue until terminated. You may terminate it at any time upon written notice to waveTracing.

It will also terminate immediately if you fail to comply with any term of this EULA agreement. Upon such termination, the licenses granted by this EULA agreement will immediately terminate and you agree to stop all access and use of the Software. The provisions that by their nature continue and survive will survive any termination of this EULA agreement.

Governing Law

This EULA agreement, and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this EULA agreement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France.