SP950 web app

SP950 web app

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The SP950 app is a free access web application that runs in modern browsers (see compatibility section below). It is currently in very early alpha stage, lacking a lot of functionalities. A Windows/Mac standalone desktop version is also developed in parallel, with similar functionalities, and will be available for purchase once the functionalities reach a certain usability point. The SP950 app is inspired by the E-mu SP-1200*. It is not intended to be a clone, but a reimagined device that holds on to what makes this unit so special in both its sound and workflow, while adapting it to a screen-based interface.
The inclusion of an optional low-pass filter emulating the sound of the Akai* S950 filter is also an effort to replicate the renowned synergy of the two devices in a combined system.
This is a development version with many missing features

Quick live keyboard beat demo using the sp950 app development version over Life's A Bitch Acapella Youtube video. The present web app has similar features and default samples.

Current Features

Expected Features (non exhaustive)


The E-mu SP-1200* was often used with a pitched-up source such as a turntable playing a LP record at 45RPM or 78RPM, and a detune after sampling in the SP-1200* to get back to the original pitch and duration. This was initially done to save sampling time, but the resulting artifacts soon became the signature of the device, and of whole musical trend.

The speed option serves this exact purpose, appling a pre-sample pitch that can be compensated for using the detune slider.


OSbrowser (latest version)compatibility
Android any latency issues
iOS any
Check out the support page for additional compatibility info.